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BarCampSanFrancisco (day one)

by Latrippi on June 24, 2006

I spent the day at BarCampSanFrancisco. Here are rough notes of the sessions I attended, and there are lots of photos up on Flickr. I thought I’d go for just one day, but may be heading back tomorrow, to satisify (…)

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upgrade inprocess

by Latrippi on June 23, 2006

I’m upgrading to WordPress 2.0.3, which will hopefully fix the RSS feeds and search. It shouldn’t be difficult but since (by necessity) I’m doing it via command line and, uh, I’m a little rusty, it’s daunting and seems dicey to (…)

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Out of non-doing (what needs to be done)

by Latrippi on June 20, 2006

All doing must begin in non-doing. Otherwise we are just recycling our old habitual patterns. And what’s the point of that? So we always need to begin with non-doing. How do we do that? First, we need to train in (…)

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