This weblog started as an experiment, a personal research platform, a place to stash links and ideas, back in July of 2001. I was researching a course on networked narrative, so I called it, “net.narrative environments.”

Then as now, though, my interest wasn’t in narrative as much as in practices and systems that produce narratives — and in the growing networked dynamics that govern influence affect our lives and minds.

After a few years of intense activity, it (this blog) lay fallow, punctuated by the blurts and spasms of false re-starts.

My interests have shifted over the years but . . . One thing I’ve learned is that it’s writing that reveals things, not the other way around. Also, that it’s generally better to say less at the start.

Outside, I hear a barn owl clicking as it flies back to its nest.

So, let’s see lie low and listen, and see what the rising tide brings in! Because, in the infosphere, it seems the tide is always rising.

— Laura Trippi

2010-12-01 / 12-05