upgrade inprocess

by Latrippi on June 23, 2006

I’m upgrading to WordPress 2.0.3, which will hopefully fix the RSS feeds and search. It shouldn’t be difficult but since (by necessity) I’m doing it via command line and, uh, I’m a little rusty, it’s daunting and seems dicey to me.

The detailed instructions help, but they’re not quite detailed enough for the likes of me. Do I copy the files I need to save into a parallel directory, delete the current wordpress directory, untar the upgrade, then copy the keepers into it? Or, do I leave the current wordpress directory as a container, delete all but the files I need keep, untar the upgrade into a parallel directory, and copy files from there into the existing directory?

Probably it doesn’t matter. The result is the same. But in situations like this, I don’t like ambiguity.

Of course, if I screw up and my weblog disappears, you won’t be able to read this. So why am I posting it, exactly? I guess it’s a way of holding my own hand. Talk to me.