blogger has a whole new interface

by Latrippi on June 20, 2003

Jeez louise! I’ve been getting error messages all day via my standing link to BloggerPro — first an error message on Blogger’s MS database, then my content just up and disappeared, replaced by a “sorry for inconvenience” message.

So I went back in from the main Blogger page and, voila! A whole new posting interface. Weird. I’m just testing it out. Not terribly interesting to readers, I’m sure, but for me, fascinating!

Most notable difference: there’s a new “create post” page with a “preview post” option. You don’t see the new post in the context of the pre-existing post-stream. But, where previously you could preview by using “post” instead of “post and publish,” the new preview gives you a much cleaner and more legible view of the post.

Since I’m super-sensitive to the interdependency between how content looks on the rendered page and what it is I’m trying to say, this is very helpful. It should minimize the amount of tweaking I do after the fact. Yes, I do tweak, usually immediately after posting. I try not to, I know it isn’t good form, but sometimes … well, I’m writing here, you know? And that entails editing.

Thumbs up to the new preview view! It takes a comprehensive view of this posting, allowing me to focus on this piece, as an entity, to see it, weigh it, balance its parts. A true boon for editing! Now, for some keyword tags. And, oh, about that flat file archive with my postings….

However, Blogger seems to think it’s mid-day Monday, June 23rd, when actually, it’s early Saturday. Hm. I can adjust the date manually, but the “AM” won’t take, it insists on being “PM”. So, I’m back dating a teeny bit, to get it to go live.